Kiln Firing Service

  • Internal kiln shelf dimensions are 45 x 45cm.
  • If you are planning on a Glaze firing, you will need to make your own ‘cookies’ out of clay to use in your glaze firing. This helps to protect the kilns shelves from glaze accidents. Follow the link on how to make your own, they are an important part of your ceramic toolkit. LINK HERE
  • Know what type of clay you are using, this is usually on the bag of clay. The firing temperature range is the important detail I will require. Take a photo and send it to me if you are not certain.
  • All clay pieces are extremely fragile when bone dry. They will require extra careful packing. I take no responsibility for damage or loss in packing are during the firing process. However, I will handle all pieces with extreme care like they are my very own creations.
  • Payment must be made upon drop off for your first firing.



  • To make your pieces functional they will require glazing. You should take a look at KEANES ceramics for a good range of midfire glazes. Other stockists include Black Wattle at Ingelburn, Walker Ceramics and The Pugmill. All companies ship glazes. My preference is AMACO and SPECTRUM Mid fire glazes.
  • It is important to know if the glaze you purchase will “fit” your clay body. Take a photo of your Glaze bottle and send it through if not certain.
  • Ensure that glazing in NOT on the underside of your pieces. All bases must be pre-wiped and cleaned prior to delivery.


  • Read the T &Cs in the PDF below and contact me via messenger from my Facebook page or email and we can have a chat about what you need to get the job done.

Ceramics is joyous but can be heartbreaking as well. Especially when a piece cracks, explodes or a whole raft of other issues that occur. Chalk it up as experience if disaster strikes, as disheartening as it can be, it is a learning process and you quickly learn that you don’t want it to happen again. In saying that, opening the kiln each time is a joy to behold. I always pray to the kiln gods with each firing.


Earthenware (1000 degrees C) 1 shelf = $30 1 shelf = $30
   1/2 kiln = $50 1/2 kiln = $50
Full Kiln = $100 Full Kiln = $100
Stoneware 1 shelf = $40
1/2 kiln = $60
Full Kiln = $120





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